Johnny Kelly: Bacardi “Manifesto”

Time to karate chop the clock! Loving the little touches like iguana tail and chicken claw fondue in Johnny Kelly‘s new spot for Bacardi. (via @brangrow)


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  • So much personality. Great blend of graphics and arty-farty live action bits.

  • zeflint


  • mk

    The integration between 2D, 3D and live action in this is really impressive (creatively that is). On paper it seems like it wouldn’t work as well as it does.

  • VV Cool. Congrats Kelly!

  • perfect.

  • strobed58

    “Let’s bring Bacardi, Lime, Cola, and Pee Pee together.”

    I swear that’s what it says at the end. Great spot though.

  • simonfarussell

    Beautifully done and no comment on the animation or design but the premise that we are social communicative creatures therefore should drink Bacardi… WTF?!?