CANADA is back again for Battles ‘Ice Cream’

CANADA is back again for Battles ‘Ice Cream’

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London

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  • JimmyBean

    What a seriously great song, video is clever as hell.

  • 1angryDwarf

    Very sweet tune! I like the candy-video-porn too! Cool stuff.

  • juedbe

    Woah! You gotta make sure to tell people this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
    You don’t want your boss walking up behind you as you’re pressing play on this.
    Otherwise, the piece is great. I especially like the color palette and soft-pastel scheme that runs throughout

    • the image you clicked on is of a woman’s butt and unbuttoned pants.

      • That image only makes watching worthy. I didn’t like the music.

        … not related:
        I didn’t know Tyondai Braxton left the band.

    • which part is nsfw? looks pretty pg-13 by my count…

  • oeuf

    mmmm, lady crack in tight jeans….

    • ktx

      such an outrage! :O