James Lancett & Sean Weston: Overcast

Cartoon Brew‘s 2nd Student Animation Festival kicks off with Overcast by James Lancett and Sean Weston. Kingston University, 2011.


Stop. Put on your headphones. Go fullscreen, and sit still as Resonance blasts your earballs to pieces. After debuting at OFFF Barcelona, Resonance is now… Read more

Makoto Shinkai: Neko no Shuukai

Roughly translated as “Kitty Gather Together,” this gem from the Far East comes from anime director Makoto Shinkai. Admittedly it’s a few years old now,… Read more

Gobelins: Annecy 2011

The second year students at Gobelins have made another round of short films to celebrate Annecy 2011. There’s five of them, each impressive, check them… Read more

Mara Smalley Updates

Lush blend of illustration and type in the recently updated portfolio of Mara Smalley

Bare Bones Films vol. 3

Bare Bones Films vol. 3, featuring original work from Alex Sebley, Alex Turvey, Bill Bragg, Daniel McKernan, Dave Prosser, Focus Creeps, Guy Verge Wallace, Hayley… Read more

[Review] Frank

Editor’s note: Like all our reviews, this is one is uncompensated and written purely out of curiosity about a new service that might be useful… Read more