Memory Tapes’ “Yes I Know” by Najork

Memory Tapes’ “Yes I Know” from Najork on Vimeo.

At first glance, a quiet, almost serene black and white video. Nevertheless, it’s packed with visual effects. Each image is carefully and subtly modified and contributes to the incredible atmosphere. With controlled changes in reality that take you into a dreamworld, you not only listen to the Memory Tapes, but you can see them as well.

What makes this video even more special is that it is not made with ​​extensive 3D applications — no Flame, no Nuke, just After Effects. Two-dimensional camera tracking, puppet tool and a lot of layers make this ambitious project come to life.

Director Eric Epstein:

This would have been a good excuse to learn, but it’s hard to abandon one’s strengths. And with the emphasis on footage integration, much of the project was going to live in AE no matter what. I figured if the approach was unusual then at worst the results would come out looking unique. Realistic compositing was not top priority, so long as the motion seemed natural.

The main techniques I employed in this video were things I had played with before and had wanted to push further. That helped zero in on some images I wanted to create, but the feeling of the music was still the driving force behind everything.

On you can find, next to other neat works, a bit of making of.


direction and post: Eric Epstein

director of photography: Aaron Epstein

the guy: Ben Aufill

production company: m ss ng p eces

additional thanks to Robert Lopuski from for suggestions and encouragement

About the author

Harm van Zon

animator + motion graphic designer @ onesize

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  • super nice

  • Anonymous

    excellent video! i too make all stuff in after effects, for mainly the same reasons as you quote.

  • Anonymous

    excellent video! i too make all stuff in after effects, for mainly the same reasons as you quote.

  • Felipe Uchôa

    No 3D?… C’mon…! o/

  • nice work!

  • Brian Ratigan

    Dear Mr. Epstein,
    Keep making amazing videos.

    The Known Universe

  • Unbelievable…!!! No 3 D applications to create this beautiful work, just After Effects. No excuse for me.

  • Beautiful work.

  • Beautiful work from Eric Epstein ( All after effects…wow.

  • Beautiful work from Eric Epstein ( Done entirely with after effects.