Electric Projected Reboot Kickstarter

The awesome Electric Projected needs our support for the reboot. Check out their kickstarter page and donate what you can to keep an amazing passion project such as this alive.


About the author

Brian is a designer, drawer, director, and dad based in the perpetually weird city of Austin, Texas.

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  • So thankful for this publicity for Electric Projected. Grateful beyond belief.

  • We met the goal, so the show is on. Thanks very much to Motionographer and the community here for their support. See you in Beacon!

  • I am always happy to see projects like this get the boost they need to come to life. Glad we could help out!

  • Is that $17k going to BUY or rent the projectors? If it’s buying them, do donors have the chance to use them for future projects?

    • i’m not part of the project team, but, having worked with comprable equipment in the past, my guess is to pull off projections of that size that much money is only covering the cost of renting the projectors and ┬átechnicians.