Le Mob: Stopover

The amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into Neil Stubbings’, of LeMob, “Stopover” must have made it one sloppily wet studio to walk into. He single-handedly wrote, designed, animated and directed the charming short pretty much all on his own. The story follows a dimwitted human as he stops on an alien planet to take a leak. Hilarity ensues.


About the author

Brian is a designer, drawer, director, and dad based in the perpetually weird city of Austin, Texas.

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  • nice, great shading / animation.

  • That was great. I loved the shot/animation of him trying to get out of his car.

  • Bora Biermann

    Great shading. Loved it.

  • Anonymous


  • i loved the moral ;)

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.
    Does someone know which font is used for the end credits?