Evelyn Evelyn “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn”

This playful promo for Evelyn Evelyn’s “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” directed by Hoku Uchiyama is a great way to kick off (or cap off, for those in more advanced timezones) your Friday.

Thanks to Raleigh Stewart for the tip.

Director: Hoku Uchiyama – hokuuchiyama.com
Produced by: Erich Lochner, Matt Miller, and Adam Bolt
Lead Animator: Adam Bolt
Executive Producers: Jason Webley & Amanda Palmer
Director of Photography: Adam David Meltzer
Evelyn Evelyn played by: Lexi Ibrahim & Nikki Ibrahim
Composite Work: Travis Gorman & Michael Scott
Additional Composite Work: Caleb Clark & Geronimo Moralez
Skeleton-Dance Animator: Julian Birchman
Additional Animation: David Johnston
Character Design: Adam Bolt
Additional Character Design: Odessa Sawyer
Wardrobe Designer: Jessica Huang
Production Design: David A. Novak
1st Assistant Camera: Louis Normandin
Gaffer/Dolly Grip: Rex Kinney
Sound Design: Mike Weinstein
VFX Consultants: Dan Blank & Arvin Bautista
Hair & Makeup: Stephanie Bravo
Skeleton-Dance Performance & Choreography: Shaheed Qaasim & Joanna Meinl
Production Manager: Sky Prendergast

Special Thanks:
Melissa Malandrakis, Steven Ritz-Barr, Daniela Meltzer, Robert Snyder, Brie Ford, Sanghee Oh, Scott Jones, Kent & Ruth Uchiyama, Mahea Uchiyama, Kevin Farey, and Karen Criswell

Video ©2011 Eleven Records
A Vanishing Angle Production / vanishingangle.com

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  • i like

  • Charlie Hughes

    I’m wondering how they pulled this off.  I expect the actors were tracing somehow, and that none of the glass is fogged.  Camera movement added in post… 

  • can we please know how this was done? Its charming, quirky and fun. I’ve watched it 4 times in a row

  • Anonymous

    Justin, you might want to turn of autoplay.

    • Mars Sanford

      While I agree, I think it’s set on the vimeo side.

    • Thanks! That’s the first time it’s been on by default. Strange. But I was able to turn it off on my end. 

  • this is AWESOME!

  • wow this was great! Put a smile on my face wile watching and still got it. I’d love to see how this was done! please!!! thank you so much

  • delicious !

  • delizia !

  • Pretty sweet, im wondering if they even ever had a window during the shoot in the first place.

  • Travis Gorman

    Still working on getting some break downs together that show all the work that went into this. It was a very involved process to develop realistic look for the condensation.

    There a is a poorly put together break down on my reel here :(