Caracrimen: Marian Ruzzi y Sr. Amable’s “Una pieza más”

Luis Safa (aka Caracrimen) illustrated and directed the music video for Una pieza más by Marian Ruzzi y Sr. Amable, with the help of BASA Studio in Mexico City. More great illustration at his website.

Hat tip to Yves!


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  • Wow this is lovely!

    Michelle your are surely my favorite poster! Thank you!

    • Stephen Fitz

      I was going to say “lovely” too!

      oh to have the skill to make things like this.

  • Beautiful illustrations and the animation as well! Arriba paisanos!!!

  • felicidades dudes! esta tremendo!!!

  • Luis Safa’s illustrations are amazing!

  • Otto B.

    Great combination of styles and textures. Great character design too.