The Last Train

Students, staff and pros of Ireland’s Animation Hub board together on The Last Train.

Kina Grannis “In Your Arms”

Greg Jardin directs countless jellybeans for Kinna Grannis’ “In Your Arms” promo. Watch the making-of here. (Thanks, Dom!)

Pictoplasma NYC 2011

NYC-ers: catch some of the characters running loose in your city at Pictoplasma NYC!

The Gentleman for Gates Foundation

Gentleman Scholar brings us, what I like to call, a beautiful remix of motion pieces with their own touch to make this delicious piece for Gates Foundation.


A pair of new projects from Blur.

Buck for V8

Buck helps us understand that all vegetables want to taste like fruit in this odd advert for V8 and BBDO Toronto. UPDATE: Process imagery here.

AICP Southwest 2011 Sponsor Reel

Dallas-based Element X Creative garners a trainload of nostalgia for the AICP Southwest Awards Show with their 2011 Sponsor Reel. Through a mixture of blood,… Read more