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Motionographer Holiday Catalog 2011 (Part 3)

In a wrap up of this year’s Motionographer Holiday Catalog (see Part 1 & Part 2), here’s the third and final post saluting story, tradition, history, and method.  Enjoy!

UPDATE 10/27/11: Added a last-minute arrival to the holiday scene.  See below!


FoxRetro X-mas from Váscolo.
Also, check out the process behind the party!


Yo Gabba Gabba ” To Give A Present” from Kirsten Lepore.


Christmas Card to Friends from Stephen Fitzgerald.


Singing Christmas Hedgehogs from Bird Box Studio.


National film Board of Canada’s Holiday Card 2011 from Malcolm Sutherland.


Share The Joy. Répandez la Joie. from Shed MTL.


O NIGHT DIVINE from Eliot Rausch + Phos Pictures.
A modern take on the age-old story.


These year end holidays are Grand Central to me – a time of genuflection for the greatest of toys, and consumption of the breadiest of puddings – but especially because I’m a hard-core sentimentalist.  I tend to look at history through really thick rose-colored glasses, willingly. So when there’s a massive thorn in one of those memories (such as when Santa didn’t bring my Christmas wish one year because one of these little bastards screwed up on the job), I try very hard to forgive and forget…and then white-wash it with purple prose.  Similarly, there’s a lesson here with this closing video: Let us be tolerant of others’ ineptitude.

And so, with a final sweeping festive gesture, please enjoy this touching holiday story:


Xmas 2011 from Elefant Studios AG.


Well, that’s it folks – we’ve turned the final page of the 2011 Motionographer Holiday Catalog.  Hopefully there was at least one item here to circle and put on your wishlist, or at the very least, get that general holiday blood flowing.

Along with the featured in this year’s series, I’d like to thank all those who submitted amazing holiday-inspired content to our offices.  When I was a kid, seemingly every commercial on TV around the winter holidays was celebratory in some way, which was really great. And so, while not everything makes it broadcast these days, it’s incredibly inspiring to see the continual effort put forth throughout the industry – personal and professional, across all media – for such a specific, narrow window each year.  Please keep up the great work, and tune in 2012 (assuming no worldwide cataclysm) for more festivities!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Special thanks to Justin Cone, Michelle Higa, Brandon Lori, Daniel Coutinho, Harm van Zon, Ryan Rothermel, Ash Thorp  + all the other Motionographer cast members for help this year!

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Cineversity relaunches

Cineversity, the official Cinema 4D training site from Maxon, has relaunched with a new look, new features and loads of new content.

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An Update on Motionographer Jobs

You may have noticed that Motionographer Jobs now charges a small $50 fee to employers looking to post a work opportunity on our job board. While the service will remain free for those searching and applying to job postings, we’ve levied this price in order to accommodate our costs as a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization. Still, our primary goal of matching the industry’s best skills with the best opportunities remains and we thank each of you for your support and continued participation in Motionographer Jobs.

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Lonely Little Teacup

Lonely Little Teacup by Linnea Sterte.

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Posterity and The Mill

Posterity is a limited edition series of posters for good. Designed by The Mill’s creative staff and its extended network of artist friends, this poster series has been created as a part of the 50/50 initiative to aid the famine relief efforts in East Africa.

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Motionographer Holiday Catalog 2011 (Part 2)

In a continuation of last week’s post and Royale’s excellent holiday short, this is the second of Motionographer’s Holiday Catalog three-part series, which reviews some of 2011′s better winter holiday-themed ads, PSAs, cards and shorts. Enjoy!


CHOBANI’s “Snow Angels” from Yves Geleyn / Hornet.
Read more about the project, review full credits, and check out the process gallery!


Create and send a unique Christmas card from Onesize.


Beakus Christmas 2011 for BBC’s CBeebies from Matthias Hoegg / Beakus.


ORANGE “Noël” from The Glue Society / Wanda Productions + AKAMA STUDIO.


First Commonwealth Bank’s “Bailey and the Snowman” from Animal.


And finally, this spectacular PSA from Make Visual:

Child’s Play “Gifts From Above” from MAKE.
Check out the process shots here.


Tune in next week for the final installment of this series!

Special thanks this week to Motionographer’s Brandon Lori, Harm van Zon, Michelle Higa, and Ryan Rothermel for the help!

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Ronda: Domino Party

Argentina-based Studio Ronda with another fun spot, Domino Party.

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