DANIELS: The Shins’ ‘Simple Song’

It’s no secret we’re thrilled by DANIELS’ storytelling and epic visuals. The duo’s new promo for The Shins’ “Simple Song” cleverly tackles an inherent music video dilemma — how do you combine storytelling with a band’s musical performance in a way that naturally complements the story, rather than competes or disconnects from it?

In four minutes, DANIELS is able to pack in tons of tiny details that give you a world of history within one house. And I love using the metaphor of band as dysfunctional family to integrate the performers into both the story and music parts of the video.

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  • wow really great. I wonder if it would work as anything other than a music video? I don’t usually like videos with additional sound design / V.O. but this works really well!

  • Hey, guys,

    I’ve found a link for it on Vimeo

    The video is great and righteously displays the great talent of the band and the directing duo.


    • oh no! the link is already a “VimeUhOh 404”. the search continues…

  • Love the new video and the whole Wes Anderson vibe.  They have a free download of it on itunes: http://bit.ly/wmcUv3  Can't wait for Port of Morrow on 3/20!

  • Woah. The shins is one of those bands that is able to actually capture emotions from past experiences and bring them right back as if we were emotionally time traveling. The blend of this song and video is magical, immaculate, and unforgettable. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be living during a time that a band like The Shins exists… I’m simply blown away by everything they do. I am so anxious for the works on the new album… just three more weeks away!

  • Amazing work. A little confusing towards the end, but the bit early on where they pull the cover away and the lighting changes is a real goosebump moment!