Trizz & Dvein for Enel

Trizz and Dvein join forces to create a striking concept for these two spots: Stone and Hammer.



This is really bad. 
Im wondering how much you got paid to post this piece of….?

Trizz Studio

Dear Jacob, 
We believe everyone has their right to voice their unique opinions.

If you have any constructive advice, please do share it.

And maybe send a link to your latest projects?
Best regards!

Jurriën Boogert…

Oriol Puig Castellano

Hi Jurriën,

I am Oriol from Trizz. If you read the text you will see we are just the Post house, so we are never claiming to do the concept. There is directors and a agency that came up with the concept.


Jurriën Boogert

 ok Oriol, I did not read the text good enough. No hard feelings towards you guys! take care

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