Trizz & Dvein for Enel

Trizz and Dvein join forces to create a striking concept for these two spots: Stone and Hammer.

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About the author

Daniel Coutinho

Daniel lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife. Originally from Brazil, he is currently a Designer/Animator at Buck.

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  • jakob

    This is really bad. 
    Im wondering how much you got paid to post this piece of….?

    • Dear Jacob, 
      We believe everyone has their right to voice their unique opinions.

      If you have any constructive advice, please do share it.

      And maybe send a link to your latest projects?
      Best regards!

  • Hi Jurriën,

    I am Oriol from Trizz. If you read the text you will see we are just the Post house, so we are never claiming to do the concept. There is directors and a agency that came up with the concept.


    •  ok Oriol, I did not read the text good enough. No hard feelings towards you guys! take care