Hankook Tires from Alfred Imageworks

This nicely realized spot/promo film from Seoul based Alfred Imageworks succeeds well in balancing the tactile stop-motion style cardboard animation within an evolving natural landscape. I especially like how the lighting and compositing brings together the whole spot with a warm sunny afternoon feel.

Director: Park Jong-hu
Producer: Park Jong-hu
Lead Artist: Kim Hwan-ho
3d Artist: Kim hwab-ho, Choi Min-ho, Kang Jeon-hyuck
Modeling: Cho Hee-suk
Fluid Effects: Dongguk University

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  • Great!! 

  • awesome!!!!! It’s beautiful work!!!

  • oeuf

    Dope spot.
    I’ve always wondered about Korean motion graphics.
    Can anyone shed some light on how the industry is there? I’ve seen some pretty rad graphics come outta there.

    I think you may have spelled Seoul wrong.

  • beautiful..

  • Oddernod

    Terrific lighting – the handmade feel and POV remind of Little Big Planet, in the best way possible.

  • Awesome Job! I like Alfred looks style.