Hankook Tires from Alfred Imageworks

This nicely realized spot/promo film from Seoul based Alfred Imageworks succeeds well in balancing the tactile stop-motion style cardboard animation within an evolving natural landscape. I especially like how the lighting and compositing brings together the whole spot with a warm sunny afternoon feel.

Director: Park Jong-hu
Producer: Park Jong-hu
Lead Artist: Kim Hwan-ho
3d Artist: Kim hwab-ho, Choi Min-ho, Kang Jeon-hyuck
Modeling: Cho Hee-suk
Fluid Effects: Dongguk University


Junghyun Bang

awesome!!!!! It’s beautiful work!!!


Dope spot.
I’ve always wondered about Korean motion graphics.
Can anyone shed some light on how the industry is there? I’ve seen some pretty rad graphics come outta there.

I think you may have spelled Seoul wrong.


Terrific lighting – the handmade feel and POV remind of Little Big Planet, in the best way possible.

Jeonghun Seong

Awesome Job! I like Alfred looks style.

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