Punga: Nokia “Traffic”

Nice mix of dimensionality and bold colors in this Nokia spot by Punga. Check out their previous Nokia spots as well: Smart Data, Ovi Maps, Maps 3D, and Ovi Suit.

Nokia “Traffic”
Director: Facu Labo

Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi

Line Producer: Eva Amuchastegui

Art Direction: Rodier Kidmann, Juan Casal

2D/3D Animation & Compositing: Cesar Pelizer, Juan Casal, Facu Labo

Modeling: Franco Vecchi, Guido Lambertini, Ago Carrera

Music / Mix: Daniele Carmosino
SFX: Alex Sidiropoulos

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  • oeuf

    Dang. So very good.

  • Facundo Laboranti

    pure awesomeness, i would marry the guy that directed this piece!

    • Lucas Casagrande

      me too

  • NICE

  • Wow. I have been trying to make a text animation preset like that forever!! Can anybody help me? I can’t figure out how.