Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Address 2012

Neil Gaiman addresses Philadelphia’s University of the Arts 2012 graduating class.  Incredibly inspiring.

About the author

Matt Hunter Ross

2007 SCAD grad - MFA Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics.

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  • Genevieve Okupniak

    Man, I wish he was at my commencement in 2001. Miss my alma mater. Congrats everyone!

  • John Constantine


    Gaiman belongs to a cult that opposes free speech and free movement. Scientology
    runs prison camps for it’s members, litigates enemies into silence and is
    responsible for suicides and suspicious deaths worldwide. Gaiman grew up being
    audited and intimidated himself and is used to lying. He may not even realize
    he’s a hypocrite. Scientology persecutes gay men and woman, by supporting Prop
    8 in CA along with so many crazy scams and crimes I can’t list here.