Chris Lenox Smith for Primus

Chris Lenox Smith makes his solo director debut with this awesome take on the Western for Primus’ ‘Lee Van Cleef’

Also make sure to check out this video on the facial rig:

Director: Chris Lenox Smith
Production Company: Mixtape Club
Executive Producer: Randi Wilens
Producer: Bruce Moreau
Writing/Concept Development: Andrew Curtis
Animators: Paul Imperio, Anne Calandre, Julien Koetsch, Mary Varn, Elaine Lee
Character Design: George Harbeson
Design: Morgan Schweitzer, Eve Weinberg
Storyboard artist: Tavet Gillson
Set Design, Lighting: Jesse Casey
Animatic: Zoya Baker, Mary Varn, Julien Koetsch
Character Coloring: Ed Chow, Mary Varn
Additional Design: Alex Mapar, Brad Walters



Really nice!


As a huge Lee Van Cleef fan, I wholeheartedly approve! Did they do the song as well?

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