Lemoine for Woodkid: Run Boy Run

As powerful as it is seemingly simple, Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid) once again develops a vibrant grayscale storyline through an intense and sensorial concoction of cinematic mastery for his latest EP, Run Boy Run.

A continuation of theme and technique from the previously successful Iron, Lemoine stirs an extremely persuasive brew.¬† If the general concept of determination through adversity isn’t cause enough to like Lemoine’s work, then revel in the¬†imaginative wardrobe, towering landscapes, and epic cinematography.


Video Director: Yoann Lemoine
Produced by: ICONOCLAST with the help of Picseyes
Producer: Roman Pichon
Art Director: Pierre Pell
Post Production: OneMore Prod
VFX Supervisor: Gregory Lanfranchy
Flame Artist: Herve Thouement
Flare Artists: Laura Saintecatherine & Romain Leclerc
3D: Olivier Junquet & Priscilla Clay
Matte Painting: Arnaud Philippe Giraux
Post Producer: Raminta Poskute
Label & Video Commissioner: Pierre Le Ny