Fluorfilms: Festival de Viña 2012

This psychedelic promo by Santiago-based Fluorfilms oozes with love for Peter Max and the Yellow Submarine.

From Fluorfilms:

“Festival de Viña del Mar” is the most popular and important music festival in Chile (well known in Latin America and the spanish-speaking audience: it’s broadcasted in 28 countries). We were commissioned by DobleGiro Ad Agency for Chilevision TV station to create the graphics and the official TVC of its last version. The idea was clear and challenging: to revisit the lysergic aesthetic of the 70’s to create a fresh and contemporary graphic universe. The work of Milton Glaser and George Dunning was a great inspiration to develop the graphics of this project. We worked strongly in the art direction to then mix 2D and 3D animation.

Check out the process stills on Fluorfilms website, as well as these animated gifs by Víctor Paredes in Anime Studio Pro.

Client: Chilevisión / CHV
Agency: Doblegiro
Creative Director (DobleGiro): Claudio Letelier.
Direction: Fluorfilms.
Art Direction & Design: Carlos Munita.
Illustration: Carlos Munita, Mario Quiñones.
3D Modelling: Rodrigo Sauré, Benjamín López.
2D animation: Victor Paredes, Mario Quiñones, Benjamín López.
3D animation: Pablo Oliva, Rodrigo Sauré, Benjamín López.
Compositing: Rodrigo Sauré.
Music: Miranda & Tobar.
Producer (DobleGiro): Mónica Díaz.


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  • Nico Carrasco

    wow congrats!!!
    pucha que saben estos cabros! :)

  • brandon

    I’d love to know how long a spot like that took to produce. It’s pretty fantastic.

    • Hi Brandon, the spot took about two months to produce, I would say one month to develop the art and storyboard (you can see some stills at our site) and another month for animation, music and final touches.

  • mrpeter


  • Sandra


  • Paola


  • caretaker


  • This is such a nice animation. Well done!

  • AJ BAE

    Nice! This video reminds me of

    Check it out.