Norfolk Southern: “City of Possibilities” by The Mill NY

The Mill marries inventive character design and animation with their incredible CG in this beautiful piece for Norfolk Southern.

Agency: RP3 Agency
Producer: Donna Schoch-Spana
Creative Director: Jim Lansbury
Creatives: Chris Sheldon
Copywriter: Jim Lansbury

Production Company: The Mill NY
Director: Angus Kneale, Ben Smith
Executive Producer: Ian Bearce
Producer: Nic Barnes
Director of Photography: Bill Pope

Editing Company: The Mill NY
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Edit Assist: Alex Trierweiler

Post-Production / VFX
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Mill Office: New York
VFX Producer: Boo Wong
Shoot Supervisor: Naotaka Minami, Corey Brown
2D Lead Artists: Kyle Cody
3D Lead Artists: Chris Bernier (Project Lead Artist), Jeff Lopez (Animation Lead), Tom Bardwell (Lighting Lead), Joji Tsuruga (FX Lead)
2D Artists: Erin Nash
3D Artists: Zang Chen, Alex Cheparev, Maxime Cousseau, Sam Crees, Sean Curran, Justin Diamond, Stanley Ilin, Nicholas Johnnides, Christina Ku, Justin Kurtz, Jeffrey Lee, Paul Liaw, Iván Luque Cuellár, Laurent Makowski, Justin Maynard, Ross Scroble, Navdeep Singh, Hassan Taimur, Olivier Varteressian, Sauce Villa, James Williams, John Wilson, Zhenting Zhou, Dan Bollwerk
Assist: Brendan O’Neil (Smoke Assist)
Colourist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
Art Director:
Tim Haldeen

Design Artists:
Tom Losinski
Gap Sangpattharamatee
Jae Kim
Bryan Louie
Jane Ro
Morgan Schweitzer


Kris Merc

The Behind the Scenes is dope too:

Nick Forshee

Well done guys ;)


Spotless work. The character design is great, but the creativity is the key… In our study, we liked it.

Natasha Saenko

Amazing spot! Congrats to all the people who worked on it. Something to be proud of!!

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