Wolf & Crow Launches

After working in relative obscurity for a year, Wolf & Crow recently launched their website. It’s full of high caliber work, quickly establishing the fledgling studio as a force to watch out for on the LA scene.

Our favorites in the portfolio are the trailers for Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth that debuted at E3 and Comic-Con.

Both trailers show off a wide range of skills, including deft character animation, nuanced effects work and beautiful environments.

Wolf & Crow is helmed by CDs Matt Berenty, David Bokser, Andrew Romatz and Chad Howitt, with former Logan EP Kevin Shapiro holding the reigns as Managing Director.

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  • the-marco

    Great job guys!

  • horray!

  • Rudy

    The montage intro is absolutely killer!!!! i wanna work there

  • Everdeen

    Wow inspiring, think the sss was a bit to much on the 2nd clip but great work none the less.

  • Kevin Stein is missing in the credits

  • great work..can’t wait to see more