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Greg Herman: Bridges

Greg Herman creates “Bridges,” an atmospheric short inspired by a quote from Sir Issac Newton.

Posted on 12 October 2012 |

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6 thoughts on “Greg Herman: Bridges

    • Fully agree with Stephen.

      Got nothing to say? Take a quote it never fails.
      You’re bad at 3D/Lighting/Modeling? Put a TON of grain or magic bullet looks on a render and make it look like that other cool video, that’s so cool and cool is cool. Oh and put a few cuts to make it look like it’s um… How they call it? Edited? Right.

      It’s not a Short Film. It’s a motion graphics MEME.

      Stick to graphic design Greg.

      It’s like every architect thinks he’s a graphic designer, every editor thinks he’s a compositor, every compositor thinks he’s gonna write a script one day and every scriptwriter wants to be a director. And they are all color-grading. For your own sake people BE WHAT YOU ARE.