Halloween Movie Remake Pitch Animatic by Federico D’Alessandro

Feature film animatic supervisor, Federico D’Alessandro delivers an epic pitch/ short film to visualize his take on a Halloween movie reboot. This is probably one of the best animatics I have ever seen!


Ricardo Leceta



whatever just remake of a movie done to death nothing original just violence in other words MEH

Tyquane Wright (@tyquane_wright)

MEH to remakes but, not to Federico D’Alessandro! ;)

Greg Herman

brilliant work and really dug “RECOLLECTION” as well.

Charles Mann

Amazing. The story seems fresh, but the art, direction and attention to details is great. Hope they give this guy a chance.

Rajesh Kumar

well its superb work.. great idea ,

Arna S

Is this link now private? We’d love to see it.


i can’t see the movie. it appears as private…….

Dennis Noel Gomez

It appears as private, can’t see it…

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