Trend: Abstract MoGraph On The Rise

Abstract animation has long been a staple of motion design, but recently there’s been a rash of interesting work. Here’s a round-up from the Motionographer team.

 Bass Awards created by Lobo

  • PJ RichardsonPJ

    thank god for this ahem ‘trend’, the visuals are so much more interesting when theres not this obsession to make it make sense in some reality based setting.

  • Adrienne Stepaniak

    Love abstract mograph! Let it rise!

  • Bassawards (@Bassawards_org)

    Thanks for post the promotional video of BassAwards. Remember: W open for entries! Submit your work before December 31st. Because we want to know the best of your work: submit 2 pieces & the 3rd one is free of charge. Until 10th December.

  • Kristina Starling (@Kristina_S)

    LOVE IT!!!

  • highfivejohn

    it’s so great to see the really well done abstract work that’s out there, opposed to the people who use “abstract” as an excuse to avoid learning good design.