Trend: Abstract MoGraph On The Rise

Abstract animation has long been a staple of motion design, but recently there’s been a rash of interesting work. Here’s a round-up from the Motionographer team.

 Bass Awards created by Lobo


PJ RichardsonPJ

thank god for this ahem ‘trend’, the visuals are so much more interesting when theres not this obsession to make it make sense in some reality based setting.

Adrienne Stepaniak

Love abstract mograph! Let it rise!

Bassawards (@Bassawards_org)

Thanks for post the promotional video of BassAwards. Remember: W open for entries! Submit your work before December 31st. Because we want to know the best of your work: submit 2 pieces & the 3rd one is free of charge. Until 10th December.


it’s so great to see the really well done abstract work that’s out there, opposed to the people who use “abstract” as an excuse to avoid learning good design.

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