Carlo Vega: Gray Keys

Elegant synaesthestic explorations by Carlo Vega, inspired by Geometry Daily. Audio by Chilly Gonzales.

Visual: Carlo Vega –
Audio: Chilly Gonzales –
Special thanks to Tilman Zitzmann –


Chris Scarlata

Beautiful exploration.

Ryan Rothermel

Very cool! Reminds me of the Ratatouille sensory animations. Awesome work.


Reminds me of Oskar Fischinger in a good way!

Berenice Fernandez

This also reminds me of Hans Richter’s Rhythmus films.
Here’s one for comparison, but there are more:

Lalon arts

Yeah … also reminds me the Carlo Vega Gray Keys…. This is a original work MF…. Of course Every piece reminds other made before..


I like playing with building blocks and how they handled making a beautiful dance.Very good job congratulations!.

Marc Messiaen

very sweet and beautiful little animation… all is very sweet


Nicely done. Wondering when the evolution of this style will happen, and what will be next.

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