Carlo Vega: Gray Keys

Elegant synaesthestic explorations by Carlo Vega, inspired by Geometry Daily. Audio by Chilly Gonzales.

Visual: Carlo Vega –
Audio: Chilly Gonzales –
Special thanks to Tilman Zitzmann –

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  • Chris Scarlata

    Beautiful exploration.

  • Very cool! Reminds me of the Ratatouille sensory animations. Awesome work.

  • Reminds me of Oskar Fischinger in a good way!

  • Berenice Fernandez

    This also reminds me of Hans Richter’s Rhythmus films.
    Here’s one for comparison, but there are more:

  • Yeah … also reminds me the Carlo Vega Gray Keys…. This is a original work MF…. Of course Every piece reminds other made before..

  • I like playing with building blocks and how they handled making a beautiful dance.Very good job congratulations!.

  • very sweet and beautiful little animation… all is very sweet

  • DEMO

    Nicely done. Wondering when the evolution of this style will happen, and what will be next.