The History of Motion Graphics

The History of Motion Graphics

SCAD’s Professor Michael Betancourt has penned the first (that I know of) comprehensive history of motion graphics: The History of Motion Graphics: From Avant-Garde to Industry in the United States.

  • Florencia

    Great compilation, I would like to see a booktrailer too.

  • Butt I Wont

    Justin, how much are you making for each purchase you send to Amazon? :)

    • Justin Cone

      Not sure if that’s a serious question, but I will be making exactly zero dollars for every purchase. I did work with Michael at SCAD, though. He’s a serious academic, so I suspect this will be an authoritative read.

  • stephen offort

    Am in love motiongraphic

  • Isabella

    Congrats Professor!

  • movecraft

    I’ve been waiting for such a volume. Can’t wait to pick this up.