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Glassworks Amsterdam for G-Star: The Art of Raw

Collaborating with G-Star’s in-house creative team, Glassworks Amsterdam created a gorgeous odyssey through the production of denim as part of G-Star’s “Art of RAW” campaign.

Directed by Glassworks’ own Rudiger Kaltenhauser, the spot mimics macro photography, creating a hyper-real journey that brims with tactile details, despite being entirely CG.

Production Company
Glassworks Amsterdam
Rudiger Kaltenhauser
3d Artist
Markus Lauterbach
Tim Borgmann
Markus Geerts
Nick Smally
Tim Bolland
Dan Hope
Chris Wood
Flame artists
Kyle Obley
Lise Prudh’omme
Flame Assist
Bob Roijen
Scott Harris
Executive Producer
Jane Bakx
G-Star RAW
G-Star RAW creative team

Posted on 19 February 2013 |

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