The Mill Plus.

The Mill Launches The Mill+
A new that showcases their soup to nuts projects as directors and designers.
Stay tuned for a full update from them soon.

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  • RH

    A as in “temporary”?

    • Greg Herman

      @Rogier, I believe this is showcasing their work just as directors and designers, but they have plans to unleash a full site of everything.

  • lol

    Does it mean that Mill created a production company ?

  • Pretty sure it’s a ‘design’ branch of The Mill. One that’s more focused on Mo graph if you know what i mean.

  • As our site states, if you put all of the Mill firepower in the hands of our own internal directors, designers, and animators—you get Mill+. We tackle a variety of projects from brief to completion.

    Hope that helps.

    • Great site, some fantastic work showcased from some of the best industry talent around. The Mill doing this – offering it all in house – creates a VERY strong force to be reckoned with!

  • they just launched the titles for “Vikings”

    The Mill is getting serious. They’ve got some serious design talent there now.
    I’m keeping my eye on them.

  • too bad the artist that work their still have to use Yurcor :(

  • Wow, the Vikings titles are epic! amazing work.

  • Impressive work. Glad to see a more design centric focus.