The Mill Plus.

The Mill Launches The Mill+
A new that showcases their soup to nuts projects as directors and designers.
Stay tuned for a full update from them soon.



A as in “temporary”?

Greg Herman

@Rogier, I believe this is showcasing their work just as directors and designers, but they have plans to unleash a full site of everything.


Does it mean that Mill created a production company ?

Lucas Redfern Brooking

Pretty sure it’s a ‘design’ branch of The Mill. One that’s more focused on Mo graph if you know what i mean.

Brian Gossett

As our site states, if you put all of the Mill firepower in the hands of our own internal directors, designers, and animators—you get Mill+. We tackle a variety of projects from brief to completion.

Hope that helps.

Kris Martin

Great site, some fantastic work showcased from some of the best industry talent around. The Mill doing this – offering it all in house – creates a VERY strong force to be reckoned with!

PJ Richardson

beautiful work! brians too! :p

Filipe Carvalho (@filipecarvalho)

they just launched the titles for “Vikings”

The Mill is getting serious. They’ve got some serious design talent there now.
I’m keeping my eye on them.

Sean Wehrli

too bad the artist that work their still have to use Yurcor :(

Sean Wehrli

Wow, the Vikings titles are epic! amazing work.

tuesday mcgowan

Impressive work. Glad to see a more design centric focus.

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