Don’t Fail Idaho (Extended Version) by Buck

Over the last several years, Buck has made a point of creating elegantly clever PSAs for causes they believe in. For their latest visual essay, they partnered with Idaho-based agency Drake Cooper to spread the message of the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

With charming audio from Echolab, the spot has a folksy quality befitting its subject matter. As usual for Buck, the transitions serve up delightful surprises by the eye-full while visual metaphors peppered throughout the poignant script give the spot equal measures of weight and wit.



Absolutely beautiful.

Chris Roth

Reallllllly fantastic!


Love it. Great sound!

Chris Anderson

I thought you were sick today, Brian. If you’re feeling better, I could really use your help on this Tampax commercial.


Haha. Someone got busted…

Great spot. No credit list?

Chris Martz

lol thats hilarious, i’m pretty sure you can look at motionographer when you are sick tho

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