Nando Costa: FITC Toronto 2013

Nando Costa takes entomology as a jumping off point for his FITC Toronto 2013 title sequence.

Hat tip to Stash.

Filmed and animated by Nando Costa
Music by Omega Code
Insects mounted by Don Ehlen & Phaedra Dunko

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  • Crazy detail! great work.

  • Herb

    im afraid the quality is less than other pieces… i have seen this kind of stuff more sophisticated and well done in past years, isnt it?

  • Georgie

    Getting tired of seeing this kind of work, always the same style, no risk, no creativity.
    As a motion designer I can’t feel represented by melting liquids and scorpions.
    And as Herb said, this piece doesn’t match the quality of its predecessors.

  • Nando

    It’s well executed and pretty, but imo it seems very imaginary forces circa mid 90’s.