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Nando Costa: FITC Toronto 2013

Nando Costa takes entomology as a jumping off point for his FITC Toronto 2013 title sequence.

Hat tip to Stash.

Filmed and animated by Nando Costa
Music by Omega Code
Insects mounted by Don Ehlen & Phaedra Dunko

Posted on 21 April 2013 |

4 thoughts on “Nando Costa: FITC Toronto 2013

  1. im afraid the quality is less than other pieces… i have seen this kind of stuff more sophisticated and well done in past years, isnt it?

  2. Getting tired of seeing this kind of work, always the same style, no risk, no creativity.
    As a motion designer I can’t feel represented by melting liquids and scorpions.
    And as Herb said, this piece doesn’t match the quality of its predecessors.

  3. It’s well executed and pretty, but imo it seems very imaginary forces circa mid 90′s.