1st Ave Machine: Panera “Live Consciously / Eat Deliciously”

The Rube Goldberg machine is a reoccurring gimmick in advertising, but before anyone complains about having “seen it before”, take a look at 1st Ave Machine‘s approach for Panera. The circular loop marries conceptually with the daily bakery cycle. There’s beautiful design and craftsmanship throughout the varied kinetic elements. The camera cuts close on details and back wide again rather than restricting itself to the typical “all-in-one-take” approach. They make a very complicated process look effortless.

Client: Panera Bread Company
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
CCO: Marshall Ross
ECD: Derek Green
ACD/CW: Bill Dow
AD: Brandon Knowlden (Anthem, B&B, ABF, Place), Brandon Ireland (Anthem)
Agency Producer: Katie Green Juras
Group Account Director: Hilary Burns
Account Supervisor: Tiffany Alexander
Co-Director of Brand Planning: Joan Colletta-Sapp
Planning Director: Kay Bradley
Campaign Managers: Ericka Svenonius, Bill Lampert

Production Company: 1st Ave Machine
Directors: Antonio Balseiro and Bob Partington
Creative Director: Aaron Duffy
EP: Sam Penfield
Line Producer: Melinda Nugent
DP: William Rexer
Conceptual Artist: Carlos Ancalmo
Fabrication: Tom Talmon Studios

Editorial Company & VFX: 1st Ave Machine
Editor: Nate Buchik
Producer: Topper Anton
Lead Compositor: Ariel Altman
Compositors: Beryl Chen, Maxim Kornev
Colorist: Tim Masick, Company 3

Music: Nylon
Sound Design: Dave Robertson
Executive Producer: Mark Beckhaus

Sound Mix: Nylon
Sound Engineer: Dave Robertson
Producer: Joey Reyes

  • http://www.jungwoolee.com jungwoo lee

    Genius and lovely!! This makes me wanna go to Panera. :)

  • http://www.theotherhouse.com Chris Roth

    I just went to Panera Bread for the first time and MAN, it sucked. Airplane grade food. However, this commercial is very well done.

  • http://www.thesign.it raffaella

    funny comment, Chris :) the spot is pretty and does convey an idea of wholesome and good… could it backlash if, in reality, the actual food sucks?

  • http://www.rafaelmacho.com Rafael Macho

    Wow! Brilliant advertising and execution!

  • http://facebook.com/kiran.booram kiranbooram@ymail.com

    wow wonderful…

  • http://moactive.wordpress.com tounsoo

    really love how it looks!
    back scene video was awesome to watch