[NYC] Collider Digital Production Conference

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The speaker lineup and master classes for Collider look pretty interesting. Who’s going? UPDATE: Motionographer’s Michelle Higa Fox will be on the VFX panel. Use promo code COLLMotion for 10% off.

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  • I am! Honored to be part of the teaching staff this year:

  • I’ll be there. Definitely looking forward to it.

  • definately looking forward to it, I was fortunate enough to be asked to curate the Master Classes for this and I feel like we have a killer lineup with some great topics, most which are platform agnostic. The conference should be really informative as well as a great networking opportunity and fun. Its about time we had a big show on the east coast. Kudos to Stephen Price of Stashmedia for making this happen.

  • Kelsey

    SO excited! I’ll be there for sure!

  • Mani

    Sounds very exciting! Will come for sure.

  • Rachel

    Very excited for this event. I’ll be there!

  • H_Oliver
  • Going to this for sure! Looks like it’s going to be a great event.

  • Alice

    Really looking forward to this! Can’t wait to check out the master classes.

  • David

    Decent price for this. Good line up too.

  • Just a heads up, early bird ticket pricing ends this week on Friday May 10th!

  • HGear

    Very excited about this! Will definitely be there

  • Speaker lineup looks like they’ll provide good insight in various industries.

    Selfishly, I will attend the Master Classes and the VFX Town Hall which should definitely be interesting especially with Mr Scott Ross being there.

  • Samantha Traag

    Wow – nice work. Can’t wait!

  • IBH

    Looking forward to Scott Ross in the VFX town hall too.

  • I’m looking forward to an inspiring event!
    Got my conference pass and now picking my master classes. Will be a great opportunity to learn, network and stay in the know about the latest technology.
    Can’t wait!!!

  • Word. Looks like a good time!