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Podcast: The Collective

Ash Thorp has been busy. In addition to banging out amazing design and illustration work, he’s launched a podcast, The Collective.

The third episode, featuring Danny Yount, just launched. Other episodes include GMUNK and Anthony Scott Burns as guests. Check them out below.

Posted on 23 May 2013 |


14 thoughts on “Podcast: The Collective

  1. greatly appreciate all the hard work put into these and releasing these out to the public. All the interviews are really well constructed, but loose enough that it feels like a natural discussion.

    One thing I can not stand is the background audio. It becomes very annoying and distracting very quickly. I really wish they’d scratch it and let the audience focus on the conversation, not some audio mix.

    Great stuff and greatly appreciative of all the hard work from everyone who contributes to these.

  2. Ash it would be cool to post some links to the people / designers / subjects that the guest talks about. Perhaps in the info section of the video on vimeo.

  3. I really like the spontaneity and intimacy of the interviews. We all have heard these designers speak formally but its the casual “off the cuff” more human stuff that really resonates. I like that the answers aren’t prepared. There’s a rawness and honesty that you don’t hear very often. It helps to separate the myth from the person.

    • “It helps to separate the myth from the person.”

      Great way to put it…I think almost everyone can relate to that aspect.

  4. Great subjects to cover! Super long though. I had to stop due to my own time constraints. Will resume when I can devote my attention to it.
    Not trying to be a critic. And maybe I’m wrong, but methinks these might have been doable at 1/3 to 1/2 of the time.

    Gotta do my client justice. Hard to focus when I know I’d like to finish these. That said, I love the fact that someone cares enough to make an extensive podcast with heroes like this. Thanks for sharing!