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Archive for June, 2013

Takashi Ohashi: Kou Kou


Takashi Ohashi presents us the brilliant piece: KouKou. A series of abstract images synchronized to Japanese vocal sounds. Check out his other works here.

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Fleur & Manu: Gesaffelstein “Pursuit”

[NSFW] Fleur & Manu direct an ominous music video for Gesaffelstein powered by dolly shots through surreal vignettes.
Hat tip to Will Adams.

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Decoy updates with new reel and new site.


Portland based Decoy updates with a sweet new reel and new site.

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History Lesson: Aspect Ratios

A history lesson in aspect ratios

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Lauren Indovina: 10,000 Arrows to the Heart


Aside from being a Creative Director and Designer at Psyop since 2008 and collecting a number of top honors (Clios, ADC, BDA, AICP and the Emmys, to name a few,)  Lauren Indovina has finally launched her web presence and it’s a goldmine.

Chocked full of detailed worlds and a wide range of style frames, lush paintings and drawings — including, of course, her creative direction and design work — Lauren has given us the go ahead to share her work at long last.

Lauren also wrote a compelling essay about her experience in the industry and how the road traveled is not always paved with love.  It is titled “10,000 Arrows to the Heart” (after Interview below). Her words offer us an honest and ardent look how she became a Creative Director at Psyop and what it means to work from the heart and excel through failure.


In your formative years, what did you excel in (artistically or not)?

My father is an architect. I grew up in his design: a Victorian home with modern interiors, stained glass, ornate staircases and floating walls. The halls were adorned with his paintings of oddly posed people, futuristic landscapes with eclipsed suns. Surreal. His imagination inspired mine. My parents encouraged me and led by example: independence, passion, curiosity.

I finagled situations so that day camps became art camps, study halls were studio time. At 16, I attended a competitive summer program, Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts, where I studied Indonesian shadow puppetry and made 7-foot tall ceramic sculptures. As this was unusual behavior, I got a lot of attention, accolades and awards, which didn’t matter. I just really wanted to be in the studio.

Read the rest of the interview and Lauren’s essay →

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Freddy Arenas New Site


NY based freelancer Freddy Arenas’ new portfolio site – now you know!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 | 2 Comments »

Joseph Mann: Sandy

Joseph Mann’s perversely cute (and NSFW) stop-action short, “Sandy.”

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 | 2 Comments »