Giovanni Braggio: Animation Tutorial Part 1

Intimidated by character animation? Don’t be! Giovanni Braggio shows you just how easy it is.

Hat tip to Danica Perry.

  • jakeycboyo

    Genius! I was getting ready for a real tutorial – This was way better! :)

  • Mapo

    che dire!!! bravo te e bravo Norman!

  • Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas

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  • nugas

    Wonderful, This is the best technique rather than to fool around with the tools.
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  • benweeks22

    LOL! Awesome.

  • nono

    so where can i download this normal? Wow never knew is easy

  • Matteo

    Terrific! you are a genius!!! he he he

  • Mustafa

    clap clap clap, bravo

  • Giorgia

    Ne avevo sentito parlare, molto simpatico. Complimenti!

  • Brett

    So, so awesome. Great parody!