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Jens & Anna : ‘Kynect’ Education

Lovely stylised illustrative video by Jens & Anna at Picasso Pictures. Good news for Kentuckians? For behind-the-scenes info including concept art sketches and more, visit Jens & Anna’s project page here.

6 thoughts on “Jens & Anna : ‘Kynect’ Education

  1. Good for Kynect booking this with Jens & Anna. It’d be interesting to know how a Kentuckian health business ended up working with a pair of quirky (awesome) German/Londoners. I think there’s a slightly macabre or otherwordly aspect to their work – very european – so it’s a bit of a surprise seeing them in this context. Great though!

    • Hi, thanks for the lovely post and the nice comments.

      I agree it’s an odd combination. The way we came about the job was pretty ordinary. The client did not come directly to us. It was a “Client > Agency > Production Company > Director pitch connection” if such a term exists ;) We were really thrilled to be able to work on this project. Fingers crossed the healthcare reform in the us will be a success.