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Animation for a Cause

Nicely timed with the giving season, Mexico City-based designer/animator Yaniv Fridman has launched Animation for a Cause, a nonprofit dedicated to creating short explanatory motion graphics projects for social causes that need a voice. All for free.

Animation for a Cause acts as a matchmaker of sorts, pairing up charities with studios and individuals who get paid to design, animate, narrate and create sound design the projects. The money comes from donations to Animation for a Cause.

Nonprofits wishing to have their message animated apply online and submit a script of roughly 180 words. Then, Animation for a Cause’s board reviews the submissions and chooses which one to produce. The more funds on hand, the more they can produce.

So far, Animation for a Cause has produced two videos, including the introductory video above, directed by Yaniv Fridman.

The second video for FundaciĂłn Ofakim’s Child Care Center was directed by Sebas & Clim. Flow Audio handled music and sound design for both projects.

Both videos sport a clean, flat aesthetic that’s become popular for so-called “explainer” videos on the web. The animation whisks the viewer from concept to concept with cascading visual metaphors and silky transitions.

Posted on 9 December 2013 |

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