Ram Bhat’s Warriors

Ram Bhat re-imagines the 1979 NYC street gang film, Warriors, in this fan trailer set in 1992 Los Angeles. Check out the art, too.



Very nice reimagination. The Warriors (1979) was set in New York City.

Justin Cone

Right you are! Post updated. Thanks, Brian.


watch the original every time it’s on. it’s kinda like not being able to turn the channel when you see “jaws.” the original NYC version still holds up like a champ.

Kris Merc

Holy fuck. That was awesome.

tuesday mcgowan

The Warriors film gave us a sneak peak into the 80’s. Rham, you’ve given us a glimpse of the 90’s. I love the postmodern interpretation. Poster designs are striking as well.

lauren Indovina

Most excellent work. LOVE the character and costume design. Damn good.

jon saunders

someone fund this man

f deron

Hipsters have body snatched the warriors, noooo!

Kris Merc

Haters have body snatched the comments, noooo!


I would run to the theater to see this!! Gave me the chills!!! Great job!!!

Brian Gossett

I would pay money to see this in theaters.

Kris Merc

I’d buy it on Blueray for sure.

Justin Cone

I would buy it on betamax.

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