Clever, cute iPhone 5c animations


Built around the holes in the iPhone 5c cases, these fun animations are as much about great sound design as they are about clever design and animation.

Know who made it? Help with credits in the comments, please!


Mikey D

I read somewhere that they were made by Media Arts Lab who do most of Apple’s advertising campaigns.

Mark Stuckert (@markstuckert)

Could it be Buck again?

Justin Cone

It could be indeed. :-) Buck is not allowed to officially comment on it, though. That’s the Apple way.


Does anyone know what program these were likely made with? (The visual components)

C4D and AE I’d assume, then maybe embedded in a flash player or something – I don’t know the web part..

Jordan Halsey

For sure…Media Arts Lab/Chiat Day. Good friend worked on them.


alright. nowt special tho,eh

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