UFO: Nissan Juke “What If”

What starts as car porn (albeit very good car porn) turns into an elegant sci-fi dream.

Nissan Juke “What If” was directed by Sebastien Cannone (UFO). Killer sound design by Echolab.


Client : Nissan
Product : Juke
Director : Sebastien Cannone
Production : UFO ufolabel.tv
Post Production : Mathematic.tv
Agency : TBWA / Else
TV Prod : Mélanie Bernard
Creatives : Rudi Anggono, Cecilia Astengo
Emilio Pastore, Gaelle Guillou
Account : Tomas Olabarri, Hafida Derouiche
Sound Design : Echolab.tv (director version)



Fantastic sound design.


I agree. Echolab never fails to deliver!


That piece was incredible. One thing I am curious about is how they did the particle system in the beginning, if it was done with Form in AE or something directly in a 3D program like C4D. (Im a vfx noob and always looking to learn)


It was made with houdini.

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