Brikk: Livet i bokstavslandet – Radiotjänst

Admittedly, I have no clue what the VO is saying here but I absolutely love the tone of this spot. Full of excellent art direction and very charming, well designed moments Brikk has created an enjoyable piece that covers a wide range of styles. Well done!

  • oeuf

    Their site is chock full of good stuff! Great work Brikk!

  • Magnus Engsfors

    FYI: The film is a swedish public service announcement from Radiotjänst. The VO is explaining homonymic words, ring being the only one making sense in english.

    Led – Trail / Joint
    Fil – File / Sour Milk
    Mask – Mask / Worm
    Banan – Banana / Course
    Bok – Book / Beech

    Funny stuff