Psyop LA tackles a series of CG shorts for Samsung Galaxy

The Training

The Match: Part 1

Psyop LA tackles a series of long form shorts in this amazing campaign for Samsung Galaxy.


a guy

looks.. uhh.. ok


I wonder who stole the idea from who – Nike Last Game or Samsung Galaxy team vs aliens…

Ruoyu Li gangsta philosopher

Great technical execution. but the story was really flatline. I didn’t get into it. the fact that the opposing team was composed of aliens was not really exploited. Lacks imagination.


hmm no. who wrote this? a 12 year old?


Sorry but how much money is involved making crap like this?
Why not spend it on better working conditions for you employees Samsung…


or in Better bateries, better design, better software…. BETTER PRODUCT!


It’s nice but I wish the match was live action of the human players and no CG. I think it lost a lot of the high quality of the training spot.

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