Psyop LA tackles a series of CG shorts for Samsung Galaxy

The Training

The Match: Part 1

Psyop LA tackles a series of long form shorts in this amazing campaign for Samsung Galaxy.

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  • a guy

    looks.. uhh.. ok

  • I wonder who stole the idea from who – Nike Last Game or Samsung Galaxy team vs aliens…

  • Great technical execution. but the story was really flatline. I didn’t get into it. the fact that the opposing team was composed of aliens was not really exploited. Lacks imagination.

  • serge

    hmm no. who wrote this? a 12 year old?

  • Sacha

    Sorry but how much money is involved making crap like this?
    Why not spend it on better working conditions for you employees Samsung…

    • or in Better bateries, better design, better software…. BETTER PRODUCT!

  • I enjoyed it!

  • Gugy

    It’s nice but I wish the match was live action of the human players and no CG. I think it lost a lot of the high quality of the training spot.