It’s Back: Yule Log 2.0(14)!


Gather round world wide web! Daniel Savage, Oddfellows and Wondersauce have banded together to present the blazing work of over 80 artists. Inspired by the iconic WPIX-11 Yule Log, Yule Log 2.0 invites  illustrators, animators, directors, and creative coders to reinterpret the hearth in whatever way they see fit. Now in its second year, I think we can safely call this collaborative project a holiday tradition.

There are several public screenings planned around New York, including the lobby of Viacom and an event at Big Screen Plaza — or you can watch ’em all from the warmth of your browser.


Yule Log Artists include:

Adam Patch
Angie Son & Shawn Kim
Albert Omoss
Andrew Herzog & Moises Silva
Andrew Schoneweis
Bran Dougherty Johnson
Brian GossettTJ Sochor
Cindy Suen
Conrad McLeod
Dave Whyte (bees and bombs)
Emmett Dzieza
Foster & Flux
Frederik Wiedel & Jaun Behren
Ian Sigmon
Jarratt Moody
Jeroen “calango” Krielaars
Jimmy Simpson
Joao Coutinho & Aly Tain
John CusterEddie Song
Lou Papa
Leandro Casteleo & Ale Pixel
Leo Romanski
Lydia NicholsChris KellyStanton Cameron
Miguel Jiron
Mike Landry
Oliver Sin
Peter Millard
Peter Quin
Po Chen Chia
Script & Seal & Colin Trenter
Seth Eckert
Stephen Kelleher
Timothy J Reynolds
Vincent Lammers
Adam Grabowski
Ben HillJil Tai
Bianca Meier & Daniel Leyva
Brett Renfer
Chris Lohouse & Salih Abdul-Karim
Dark Igloo
Ege Soyuer & Nick Petley
Alicia Reece & Emory Allen
Eric Epstein
Erin Kilkenny
James Curran
Jay Quercia
Jen Lu & Tim Nolan & Christina Lu
Jerry Liu
Joe Russ, Syd Weiler & Ben Tillett
Jordan Scott
Jorge Candedo Estrada
Josh Parker
Joshua Catalano
Julian Glander
Keetra Dean Dixon
Matthias Hoegg
Michelle Higa FoxAvi JacobShixie Shi & Stephanie Swart
Nadia Shireen Husain
Pat Clarke
Patrick Finn
Pierce Gibson
Seth Hulewat, Mike Potter & John Bermingham
Skip Hursh
Wesley Ebelhar
Will Anderson
Mimi Cave
Tony Benna
Daniel Savage
Ben Barry
Yussef Cole

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  • Some really great, simple work, but I can’t tell who did what! Each piece should clearly state the name of the artist(s) that worked on it, no?

    • Thanks Erica! @umotigre – below every single film has the artist’s name, site, and twitter account.

      • ahh… now i see it. my bad. the videos resized to fill my screen and i didn’t notice i could scroll, duh. excellent work.

  • I really love this. Refreshing explorations on the traditional Yule log with no trace of committee decision making or over thinking . . . just pure expressive design. Bravo, and thanks for sharing!

  • Dan

    Really awesome work!! When will the showing at Big Screen Plaza be held?