Black Math’s New Reel & Site

Boston-based Black Math launches their new site and their new reel.

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About the author

Brian is a designer, drawer, director, and dad based in the perpetually weird city of Austin, Texas.

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  • oeuf

    Some damn fine work!

  • Yeaaaa jeremy!

  • Black Math just did some serious job posting. I believe they’re looking to fill 3 different positions.

  • Nice!

  • Wohw!!! Some damn fine work there.

    • Guy


  • Dear MasterOfMotiongraphing and Sir Brian Gosset, Thank you for posing our little baby companies work on your site. We have been making this juice for 2 years now and we are hiring maxed out nerds who require a woodland lifestyle and 4 F*king seasons. Follow the snow bitches! New-muthaFreekin-England is the siamese center of the universe AND where all the pow-pow is. (hi Yatch and Billy D) :D

  • Algebraic!

  • Great range of styles. Love it!

  • Ya done did it!

  • <3