Elliot Lim: The Wire Homage

What better way to start the first work week of the new year off than with some excellent new work from the multi-talented Elliot Lim for The Wire.

You can find out more about the San Fransisco based director’s process below:

I always wanted to do a project on the subject of The Wire, and I finally got started on one earlier this year. My first thought was to do an alternate title sequence, but I realized that the project could be whatever I wanted, and why reinvent the wheel?

So it became more of a personal, visual tribute, set to the show’s iconic intro music. I spread out the work over approximately 7 months, partly out of necessity (I had to do it between jobs), and partly to avoid burning out. My goal from the start was to finish it in the calendar year, and I just made it.


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Sean McClintock

So good Elliot! Nice work.

NetOperator Wibby

I am probably the only person who hasn’t watched the series, but I dig this treatment. Kept my eyes moving the entire time, great work.

Oscar Rivera

Very Very Nice!!!

Kris Merc

Dopeeeee. Love that one cat just rubbing his hands. That’s so gully (urban dictionary it).


a very mesmerising work.. Love it !

francesca lucci

Great work! nice movement and drawings


Elliot is a rare talent. This is spectacular.

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