Step by Step: Allen Laseter

For our last Step by Step of 2017, we’re thrilled to bring you none other than Allen Laseter. With the boom of 2D animation within the motion design industry, there has been a constant quest to find new routes forward and explore new ground. There are endless techniques and styles to explore, but one of the more popular executions is the implementation of stylized perspective or a faux 3D look. Allen is constantly putting out fresh new work, and in this Step by Step we’re lucky enough to see just how he goes about creating a “fake 3D” animation in two parts.


Part 02


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  • Baller.

  • disqus_SPLkyvtXi3

    Almost 5 hours to do that… It’s like watching someone using a hammer to cut a log. Don’t really want to reveal my secret weapon, but… try using Moho, whole thing would have been a tonne easier and quicker (check out Moho’s smart bones and bone actions) than using After Effect which isn’t really optimised for vector keyframe animation. Thank me later…