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againstallodds for Coke Zero: Credits

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Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Producers: Cheryl Warbrook, Sandy Reay, Orlando Wood
Copywriter: Patrick Almaguer
Art Director: Blake Kidder
Production Co: againstallodds/PASSION PICTURES
Director: againstallodds
Creative Director: Derek Picken
Animation Director: Niklas Rissler
Producer (Passion): Lottie Hope
Producer/Prod. Manager (AAO): Anna Molund
Executive Producer: Michael Adamo (Passion), Josh Thorne (AAO)
VFX sup./Head of 3D: Lars Holmgren
CG Superviser: Bruce Jurgens
Lead Animator: Tommie Löfqvist
Lighting TD: Niklas Johanson
Compositing/2D: Dongjoo Artursson
Animators: Alli Sadegiani, Dan Santos, Laurent Clermont, Andreas Westin
Lighting/Rendering: Stefan Lagerstam, Kristian Rudberg
Text/mod/Photomap: Steve Woodruff, Kristian Rudberg, Christian Paulsson

Software used: Maya, AfterFX
Telecine: Syndicate