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Microscopic fun with ink, soap and water


Soap, ink and water. Mesmerizing images in Pacific Light by Ruslan Khasanov. Music by Boris Blank.

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The trippy LSD ABC by Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis. There’s also a vinyl version which you can buy here

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Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

Do I Wanna Know

Do I Wanna Know? Nice, clean and simple. New videoclip for Artic Monkeys by British wonderboy David Wilson.

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OFFF Main Titles 2013: Mr. Emilton’s Cabinet of Curiosities

OFFF 2013 Main Titles by From Form from OFFF, let’s feed the future on Vimeo.

There’s always much anticipation towards the new Offf Barcelona titles. At least, for me there is. With companies like The Mill, Post Panic, Upperfirst and Brosmind it almost seems like unfair compition to begin with. Not that there’s anything to win, but you definately want to show what you are worth.

This years title is made in a colaboration between dutch based design studio From Form and Part of Something.

They decided to take a step back. No over the top VFX, insane 3D animations and fast paced editing. Purely focussing on the narrative, telling an inspiring story about a man and his journey and the need to be curious.

The names of the speakers merged with the memorabilia and souvenirs of all his journeys. It’s not new to put the names of the speakers on objects, 2 years ago Post Panic did that for the same Festival. But the combination of a good storyline, nice camera angles and almost everything in-camera make this a piece to remember.

The superfine audio is done by 
Ben Lukas Boysen, as is becoming a tradition for the Offf festival. Also take note of the subtle cello track in the background.

More info on the project is found here


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Keith Schofield: Darwin Deez “You Can’t Be My Girl”

While wandering through the internet, sometimes you come across something weird and beautiful. Keith Schofield who brought us singing crotches in the past, now had some fun with stock footage.

As funny and ridiculous as it is, the video also tells us a sad and over-romantic love story. Fall in love, get married, have children, grow old together, live happily ever after. The images of perfect commercial love give the whole story an extra dimension. It’s not his life, it’s not his girl. Frustration, anger and fighting follows. Although it’s not technically perfect all the time, who cares, it made me laugh.

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March April May

March April May

Cheerful and abstract with loads and loads of particles. New personal work form Joost Korngold (aka Renascent). And family project since the audio is done by his brothers.

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The Centrifuge Brain Project

The centrifuge Brain Project

Gravity is a mistake. The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak, starring Leslie Barany, cinematography: Ivan Robles Mendoza, sound: Andreas Radzuweit, Lukas Bonewitz

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Kromag #7


Kromag #7 (featuring: Helio Vega, Matt Lambert, Rob Chiu, Renascent, Onesize and many more)


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Playgrounds 2012

This is only the second time that the annual Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival in The Netherlands teams up with Submarine Channel to host a “warming up” edition of the event in Amsterdam. Playgrounds vs Submarine Channel happens on 20 November at a bigger and fancier location in the heart of Amsterdam, whereas Playgrounds continues ‘solo’ as usual in Tilburg for two days on 22 and 23 November.

Playgrounds has over the years earned a reputation for its refreshing programming, which mainly consists of artists talks and screenings. The festival always seems to focus on that magical synergy between people and their inspirations. But it’s ultimately about creative people and studios sharing their experiences on how to harness that wild beast called creativity. Whether you create visual effects for Hollywood blockbusters, or an appartment-sized Rube Goldberg machine from scraps, it’s about putting your heart and soul into whatever it is that you do, and “enjoying the process.” That just about sums up the Playgrounds experience.

Headligning the line-up this year are two major Hollywood VFX studios, Industrial Light and Magic and Digital Domain. Also flying in from L.A. are title designer-cum-feature film director Henry Hobson (previously of Prologue), the fun-loving directing duo Daniels and smooth talking Daniel Burwen of Cognito Comics. European guests are BAFTA-winner Mikey Please, ident designers ManvsMachine, Sil van der Woerd with Blade Runner star Rutger Hauer, Peppermelon, David Wilson, Vimeo award-winner Jurjen Versteeg, and many more.

more info here and here

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Gaian.me – Official Trailer 2012

Nice trailer for Gaian.me by freelancers: Fredrik EkholmSteffen Knoesgaard and Linus Lundin. Audio by Audionerve. For more info click here.

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I like to make things

Nathan Boey likes to make things and he makes them good. http://www.nathanboey.ca for more work

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IVCA Awards 2012 – Opening Titles by Jack Morton Moving Image

Stylish opening titles for the IVCA Awards 2012 by Jack Morton Moving Image

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FITC Amsterdam 2012 opening titles

The first time I watched these titles my sound wasn’t working, but I thought, “What the heck.”

I liked it. The visual style, the transitions, editing, rhythm and pace. It was all good, but I couldn’t get my head around the concept, the storyline. I didn’t get it.
The images seemed random but still related to each other, meaningful but incomprehensible. I decided to give it another go when I got home. This time with sound.

This is what I was missing. They narrated it. A clever story to illustrate the workings of a creative mind. The images I couldn’t decipher were brain flashes, internal images so to speak. I liked it without the audio, but I love it with. It’s interesting, draws you in and makes you think it’s a shame this is a festival title and not a short movie.

A nice thing I also noticed is that no studios are mentioned in the video, only the individual speakers. Which, for me, reflexes the festival.

Enjoy the story of Sam . . .

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Eat My Dear 2012 Reel


New reel with loads of new work from Austria’s Eat My Dear. Nice and cheerful audio by We Say We Say.

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Strange, weird, absurd. Doomed! A pilot for a series by director Guillermo García Carsí (Pocoyo) and produced by El Señor Studio.

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graphical rock ‘n’ roll by Sander van Dijk

Graphical rock ‘n’ roll in the new reel by Sander van Dijk. Audio by Studio Takt.

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Diestro makes underwater goodness for LZF Lamps

Diestro makes underwater goodness for LZF Lamps. Audio by BSO.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 | 2 Comments »

Playgroundsfestival 2011 Titles

The Playgroundsfestival was a joy. Hidden in the little town of Tilburg, the festival had great speakers and good talks. With talks from: Edouard Salier, Mate Steinforth, Physalia, Encyclopedia Pictura, Ben & Julia, David Wilson, Spread Motion, Heyheyhey, Matt Lambert, Studio Takt, Tokyoplastic, David Wilson, DVEIN, Kyle Cooper and Onesize there was never a dull moment.

And of course there are the titles. It seems to become more and more important for a festival to have good titles. It’s like a pissing contest. Festivals compete in the coolest, biggest and most creative title. After the Offf 2011 titles it would be hard to go bigger, so Leon van Rooij (festival director) must have thought: ‘let’s be creative’. He was playing with the idea of doing ‘live’ titles. A titleshow so to speak. He contacted creative design studio HeyHeyHey and they were more then happy to go to work.

It was great fun to see the unsuspecting speakers present themselves without really knowing what was going on. The show was on thursday, recorded, edited and played back on friday. Of course ‘you had to be there’, but still, the end result is pretty funny and a totally new take on festival titles.

Playgrounds 2011 ‘The Live Titles Show’ from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

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A Passionate Bear

A passionate bear for Canal + Produced by 75, directed by Dutch director Matthijs van Heijningen for BETC Euro RSCG. CG by Mikros Images

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Why Not Associates make poetic idents for Audi

Why Not Associates make nice poetic idents for Audi. Good audiodesign/music by Black Sheep Music and Noise International. 3D animation by Chris Cousins. Agency BBH London.

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